Why I Love Polymer Clay

About thirteen years ago I discovered polymer clay. As a child I had always loved to play with play do. Obviously polymer clay is not the same thing. I was working at the library at the time and had just started my website on making soap. I also read in some books about different kinds of clay. As I was looking at a craft store to get some soap making supplies, I think it was Michaels, I found the polymer clay section. I began to work with it and read articles about how to use it. I noticed many jewelry makers use polymer clay to make beads. I don’t wear much jewelry but I do love making pendants to put on my keychain. I also began to make pins and magnets with polymer clay. I was fascinated with the adorable OOAK dolls people were making with polymer clay. I began to make some. Then I made animals like teddy bears and cats with polymer clay. Now I make all kinds of things with polymer clay. I think this is part of the reason I love polymer clay. There are so many things to make. Once you learn to condition the clay and how to bake it polymer clay is pretty easy to work with. The nice thing is you can start with your hands and a roller. You don’t need many tools. The other cool thing is that you don’t need a special oven. You can just use the oven that comes with your stove to bake the clay. You put the finished project on a baking sheet, bake it for the right amount of time and temperature and ta da! You get a really nice keep sake or polymer clay gift. I made gifts for my mom. She is now passed but she still has the tiny polymer clay teacup and polymer clay bowl I made her. I made my dad a polymer clay cross and polymer clay mug which he uses for a pencil holder. Polymer clay gifts do last for years. Working with polymer clay also relaxes me. You can watch my youtube videos on polymer clay projects and other fun things. You can subscribe to my channel or visit my website to see what I have. You can buy gifts and read interesting posts about polymer clay, soap, essential oils and other fun stuff. Keep being creative and find ways to relax. Stress damages the brain so find ways to get rid of it as much as possible.


More Poetry For Mom The Power of Love

The power of love is stronger than some of us know. A person feels more motivated, attractive and becomes a more positive human being when they know they are loved. I believe we are all created to love and be loved. My mom certainly served that purpose. As I write these poems for the poetry book in her memory I remember all the times she made me feel loved. She made a shy, awkward girl feel like she could do anything. She made me feel like I could be funny and people would like me for me. It is really important to make people feel like they are important. We all need to feel like we have purpose and guess what? We do have purpose. If you wonder why you are here just remember one important thing. You were made from love and you are made to love. I am sharing a poem about my mom that made me realize this growing up.

Her Eyes

She sees love

She sees beauty

She sees no faults in her lovely baby

She loves and protects

She sees the best

She tells her child to ignore the rest

She sees goodness

She sees sweet

Her child is growing each day they meet

When I look into mom’s eyes

I suddenly realize

All the goodness she can see

All the dreams she sees in me

I see hope

I see dreams

I see the love she has for me




Poetry For Mom

This year 2019 has been a year of unexpected changes. A couple of weeks ago my mom passed away unexpected at the young age of 61. I have been dealing with grief and wanting to find a way to keep her memory alive. I have always found that music and writing really help me to deal with how I feel. I have been writing songs and poetry to express what a beautiful person she was. I have decided to write a poetry book as a tribute to her and all the great moms. If you have been blessed with a great mom like I was you may enjoy the first poem in my book. The first chapter is called Beautiful Mom and this is the first poem.

Unseen By Her

She is beautiful but she does not see it

She sees mom wife friend

That is beauty but she does not brag

She lives her life with laughter and fun

She cries with you and cheers for you

Her smile lights up her pretty face

She does not see she has such grace

She gives her time without complaining

She gives her love like no one can

She looks in the mirror and sees her faults

I see perfection and she laughs

Everything a mom should be

Beautiful mom to me

Free Gifts and Holiday Deals

We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but do you know about the free gifts on my website Amandas Soaps? For the rest of November if you make a purchase online you get a free hand poured scented teddy bear candle. The color and scent depend on what is in stock. It may be a white teddy bear candle scented with the beautiful floral fragrance of Gardenia. It may be a lavender scented and colored candle. Check it out and see! I have found that when you offer a free gift with a purchase from your website this boosts sales. People always like free gifts. The key is to make sure your free gift is something people will like. Don’t give away a bad product or a badly made product. Sometimes I give a product as a free gift that is new or I would like people to buy more of. It is a bit like giving them a sample of a product. Shipping gets expensive. That is why I give my gift with the customer’s purchase from my website. I make the gift small enough to add to whatever package I would put the items they buy in. I make sure it won’t be something heavy or big which would make the shipping price go way up. Since I specialize in natural soap and bath products, many times I give a free bar of soap or a free candle as the free gift. I give a new free gift each month. This helps people to stay interested in my products and my website. It is up to you how often you want to give the free gift promotion. You can always make it the same product or you can change it up. Have fun and good luck.

Turned My Book Into An Audio Book

Hey all. It’s time for spooky stories and hot chocolate. I have always thought it would be fun to be a narrator for audio books. I turned my newest e-book, Oregon Coast Ghost Stories, into an audio book on CD! It takes a lot of work, even for a thirty-two  minute CD because you have to get the sound even and make sure there are no background sounds. You can listen to the first chapter of my book on Patreon. If you would like to turn your book into a CD, here is what I’ve learned. First, record your book in chapters or sections. Audacity is a great, free software that helps to make the recording sound professional. After you have your MP3 files recorded and saved you need to transfer them to a CD. Make sure you use a blank CD-R because this is the audio CD that you can play on your stereo, car or wherever a CD player is. Use Windows Media Player to drag and drop your files in the order you want them on your CD. Click Burn and when you are ready to start burning the CD click Start Burn. Make sure the Audio CD is selected and you are on your way. After the CD is burned, listen to it to make sure it has turned out well. Then you can start selling the CD as an Audio Book on your website. Since I am the author of my book and an Indie Author, I already had rights to do this. I do all the work, but I keep all the profits. I hope this helps you and have a great day!

Sharing Ghost Stories From My Book

Now is the time of year to bake and share spooky stories. Honestly that time of year is always for me. I have always loved a good mystery or spooky story. I also love the beach. I have combined my love for beautiful beaches and spooky stories to make this book Oregon Coast Ghost Stories which is available on Lulu, iBooks, Amazon and more. I am sharing a ghost story from this book that is one of my favorites because it comes from one of my favorite spots on the Oregon Coast. This story takes place at Heceta Head House, just outside of Florence, Oregon. There is a story of a ghost called the Grey Lady. She haunts the area of the Heceta Head Lighthouse and especially Heceta Head House. Her story goes back to the 1890’s when she and her husband lived at Heceta House with their daughter. The daughter drowned somehow and was said to be buried by the Heceta House. No one has ever seen a gravestone for this little girl, but guests who have stayed in the room that was her room in the Heceta Head House say they have felt her presence. Some say when they get into bed something climbs in the bed with them and cuddles up close. These ghosts don’t harm anyone, but they have caused people to be scared. The only ghost that has been seen is the Grey Lady. She has long grey hair and wonders the house silently as if she were looking for someone. Is this just a tale for tourists or does the Grey Lady exist? If you visit Heceta Head maybe you can ask the Grey Lady.

Learning to Record With Audacity

Have you ever wanted to record music? Have you ever wondered how to do it on your own? Music is my passion so I have asked myself these questions many times. Someone told me about Audacity years ago. I installed the software on my computer, but didn’t do much with it. Recently I have been playing with it.

What is Audacity? This is a free recording software that you can download for free. Whoever made this software and offered a free version is a genius. Thank you! I have much to learn but I have already recorded myself singing to soundtracks for fun. Yes, I need the right equipment such as a better microphone and a mixer. However, the fact that I was able to record myself singing to music is a great start. I was able to adjust the volume so my voice didn’t overpower the music. That’s a first, but that’s what happens when I am singing into my laptop mic. It actually picks up my voice and music very well. The trick is keeping other sounds out. The nice thing is I can edit any unwanted sounds out of the recording.

Thank you experts for sharing your knowledge on youtube. I watched a few tutorials on different things I wanted to know about Audacity. You can learn a lot from those basic tutorials. Be sure to give those people a thumbs up. They are sharing free information that helps you to be able to do something you enjoy doing. Maybe you even make money from using that knowledge. I would love to have people buying my songs and asking me to write songs for them. I am such a perfectionist, but many times I get in my own way. Sometimes we just start with what we know and love. We do that, learn and build on what we know. I hope this encourages those of you who are wanting to record your own music. I know what it’s like to have that dream.

Audacity can also be used to make audiobooks. I would love to do that as well as sing. I have written and published some books and was thinking of turning them into audiobooks. This is not super complicated but it does take time. If you want to sell your recordings, especially audiobooks on places like iBooks or iTunes you have to make sure you do things right. For audiobooks you have to record in chapters and upload each chapter one at a time to Audible. This process can take numerous days and hours depending on how long the book is. My book, Love Devotions, has a few chapters and over 300 devotions. Turning this book into an audiobook will take a while. I first learned about audiobooks from my great uncle who was blind. He was not born blind but had an accident that made him blind. I thought it was neat to hear the book being read out loud. I think I was ten or eleven when I first heard one of his audiobooks. Ever since then I have wanted to record one. Audacity also makes that possible for me. Keep writing. Keep singing and playing music. Keep learning and keep having fun! Life is too short to be anything but happy.