Sea Shell Wreaths and Painted Shells

When I was little, my parents always took me to the beach. My mom and I would always look for sea shells and pretty rocks. When my sister got older she would look with us. Later I found out this was called Beach Combing. I’ve always loved looking for rocks and sea shells. However, since now I am farther from the beach, I many times buy sea shells at Walmart or Michaels. I’ve also found that sometimes there are small bags of shells at the Dollar Tree. These are the sea shells I have been using to decorate some pretty wreaths I’ve made.

I also decided to get creative and decorate some of the shells. When I was a kid I would use markers to decorate the sea shells I found on the beach. Now, I am happy to say, I know how to use craft paint. Acrylic craft paint is the best paint to decorate sea shells. I decided I wanted to paint some gold and some rose gold. I mixed some of the painted shells in with the regular sea shells. This added some unique and lovely looks to the wreaths. Now people can buy sea shell wreaths from me and painted sea shells. I added a strand of colored beads to the wreath which made it look more elegant. I really love how these turned out. I love how I was able to take an activity and great childhood memory and turn it into art. Have fun and be creative!


Stamped Soap Designs

I recently bought a set of soap stamps so I could learn how to make embossed soap. The process is pretty simple. I only had one problem and that was with one of the stamps. For some reason one side was a little messed up. At least it was only on the corner of the soap but it made that corner look weird. I bought these soap stamps from Hobby Lobby. All the other stamps worked perfectly. I had clipped my nails very short because I had been making polymer clay crosses. I didn’t want my nails to make marks in the clay. This made it a little difficult to pull the stamp out of the soap. You need to be able to get a corner of the stamp and gently pull it out of the soap after that soap has set. The next day my nails had grown a little so this was an easier process. I am really loving the way these embossed soap look. I am thinking of adding a different color to the stamped part of the soap just to make the designs even more noticeable.

Making soap does take some know-how but it is also relaxing to me. I love mixing different colors and essential oils to create a beautiful bar of soap. I love being able to make different shapes and even some creating which I call Soap Art. These soap stamps which have allowed me to emboss my soap fit that category. The are soap and they are art. I also add scent to them which makes them even more useful. They look pretty, will cleanse you and have an aromatherapy effect on the mind. I’m kind-of addicted to this soap embossing skill I’ve learned. I think I will buy more soap stamps and try some more designs. I am also working on learning to stamp and carve designs into some of my candles. Have fun crafting everyone!

Starting a Company Page on LinkedIn

Sometimes I need a social media place that is not so full of drama. Sometimes I just want to focus onĀ  connecting with people who have similar interests and online businesses just like I do. I have had a personal page on LinkedIn for years. Recently I wondered if I could have a business page on LinkedIn like I do on Facebook. After a couple of searches, I found a way to create a company page.

How did I create my company page on LinkedIn? I first created a personal page. Then I searched for how to create a business page. I found the directions and I followed them. It was basically the same as creating my personal page. I named my company page Amandas Soaps which is the same as my Woo-commerce website. I added a picture and description of what my business specializes in which is natural soap. After adding some details my company page was ready. I have been adding updates so people know that my online business is active.

How did I get people interested in my LinkedIn company page? I posted images, videos and information in the update section. I also was connected with some other online business owners which helped me to get people requesting to connect with me through not only my personal page, but my business page. One of my connections had posted a post about hashtags. I have been doing my own SEO and was familiar with tags. However, I had forgotten about how effective hashtags can be. I began using them in my posts.

The key to using hashtags as a way to get your post or product noticed is to keep it simple and relative. If you post a music video use a hashtag for something that is trending and relative to your music post. For example #easylisteningmusicvideo or if you want people to search for your video use #AmandaSullivanmusicvideo or something to that effect. This helps your post to show up in the search results for that item or subject. This helps people to find you online. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn #amandassoaps and get more updates on my products. If you create a page on Linkedin and this post has been helpful to you I would like to know. Have fun creating and pursuing your passion.

Lemon Zest Soap and Teddy Bear Candles

I’ve been working on more new soap and teddy bear candles. I have posted about these adorable teddy bear candles before but the Lemon Zest soap is new. I wrote a post on Lemon Essential Oil Benefits and Uses for my website. I researched to find some other benefits besides a good smell and a disinfectant. I found numerous benefits for the mind and body. I found benefits for hair and skin from lemon essential oil. I have oily skin and oily hair so I was glad to find that lemon essential oil reduces oils in the skin and hair. Numerous other benefits were found as well. Lemon Zest soap is made in numerous ways. I wanted a square bar of soap and I decided to make a clear or translucent lemon soap. I also made a layered lemon soap using clear and opaque soap.

I made some Teddy Bear candles with a silicone mold that a friend gave me. I love the mold. The candles turned out so cute. They would be great gifts for anyone but especially a baby shower. You can have a pink or blue teddy bear candle depending on if your baby is a boy or a girl. You can also use them as his and her wedding decorations. There are numerous ways to use these cute teddy bear candles and various scents to use.

Natural Shampoo

I finished my second batch of natural shampoo and I love it. The first batch came out too thick so I changed some things. I have been asked by several people to make a natural chemical free shampoo with Rosemary. I did this and loved the results. I also added Lavender essential oil because it is also very good for soothing dry scalp and reducing dandruff. Rosemary is good for so many things like adding shine to the hair, getting rid of dry scalp, helping hair to grow thicker and be healthier. I have long thick hair so the growth part I didn’t need to worry about. However I have oily hair but dry scalp so I needed a shampoo that would get my hair clean and moisturize my dry scalp. I also needed a shampoo that wouldn’t strip the oils from my oily type hair causing it to be limp and basically look like I didn’t wash it. My hair is full of life and my scalp feels hydrated. I think when I wash my hair again it will look even better. Natural shampoo does not lather because it is chemical free but this does not mean your hair is not getting clean. I have tried it and can say I am keeping this natural shampoo around. I will be adding it to my website shortly. I will be doing a live video about natural shampoo and some other fun info. I will share hair care recipes and some other tips on my business page. Have fun and yes natural in this case was better.

Almost Finished Writing My Poetry Book

My poetry book is taking a little longer to finish but I am almost finished. Here is a Free Verse poem I wrote today

In Just a Little While

In just a little while you and I will be one

In just a little while the wedding will begin

The guests are all waiting

None as anxious as you and I

The minister waits while straightening his tie

The cake and punch are ready to be consumed

The gifts fill the table

The only gift I want is your love forever

You and I will be as one

We will say our sacred vows

We will wear our wedding rings

We will hear the singer sing

We will hear the music playing

The wedding march begins

You and I will be one forever in just a little while

Lavender Soap with Fresh Lavender

I’ve been making lavender soap for years but I decided to improve the soap by adding fresh lavender to it. This fresh lavender add a little more health benefits to the soap, adds some scent and honestly it looks so pretty. I decided to make my own shade of lavender color for the soap. Lavender is my favorite color, but I wanted my soap to look a little different from the standard lavender soap that is around. My soap is made with natural ingredients but I wanted it to look extra pretty. I mixed some Mulberry purple soap color with some Purple soap color. I had to experiment a bit until I made the right shade. The soap came out so pretty that I decided to make twenty-four bars at the same time. I love using silicone molds because the soap is so much easier to pop out of the mold. The soap came out so nice that I decided to offer the soap in bulk. I wanted to make a soap that I knew would be popular. I love using my own soap, but since I am trying to pay bills and running a website I wanted to make a soap that would sell in bulk. Lavender soap is the perfect soap for this experiment. Well now that my Lavender soap is made it’s time to make some other soap. I have Coconut soap made so I think I will move on to Eucalyptus soap. Happy soaping all you soapers and happy day to the rest of you lovely people.